For many years Cambodian women have been left behind in their society, with the very recent genocide of these amazing people, The women of Cambodia have a vital role in the countries rural communities. Following the Khmer Rouge many were left having to teach themselves and educate their families through their own experiences, with very little left behind by the end of the Khmer Rouge’s terror reign, doctors, lawyers and educators alike were eliminated from their society.

Love in Actions main focus is young women across Cambodia, predominately from rural areas, as these are the areas with the most vulnerable women. Striving to survive with the only means they have available to them, in a country where the poor have extremely limited opportunities, many young women are forced into prostitution, so they can provide for their families.

Love in Action’s vision is to empower and equip the local women, focusing on teaching business practices, including finance, business management, information technologies, social enterprise and community action programs.

Through Love in Action we will build up strong and confident female leaders within their communities. helping them to realize their potential,  by equipping them with the skills and training, the local women of Cambodia can step into new positions, breaking off the limitations, and create a better future for themselves and their communities as a whole.